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  2005.08.11  15.01

there is a cafe near my house, i cannot remember it's name and i've never actually tried it (sorry) but in the windows it says it has free wifi internet access for customers. it's on shelbourne, nearest the Cedar hill X street. it's across the street from fairway markets, and on it's side of the street it is nestled between an asian resturant, and the rogers video/mcdonalds complex. also, panago is right beside it.
i'm not very proficient in the technical terms, and have no idea what each of those symbols actually stand for, and i also have no chalk. however, their window says they have WIFI, so that should be enough to let people know which place it is.


  2005.05.31  14.32

crystal pool posted that they have wifi


  2005.03.21  22.15

first spot has been marked, its our building, but its got like six open and five secured.
maybe ill go check out more places tonight.
anyone else marking yet?


  2005.03.21  00.56

this is what we are looking for, please list locations pictures are optional